Environmental Health gave me the ok to start urgent cases, which you can book now. Acupuncture resumes for everyone on 4 July normally and these are also available to book. 


Before your treatment

_Confirm with me if you have a fever, cough or loss of smell/taste (please cancel your appointment)

-Shower and wear freshly laundered clothing

-Use your toilet at home

-Arrive at the clinic at your treatment time

At your treatment please bring:

-A cloth or other face mask

-A bath towel or small blanket to cover you

-2 fresh tissues for door handles

-Hand gel for hands and lower arms

I will be wearing a fresh mask for each treatment and wipe down the clinic thoroughly between patients. You will see my cleaning checklist in the clinic!

I will be asking for a donation to contribute to extra PPE costs of between £1.00-3.00 to be put in a jar on the clinic table. If you have no facemask, I will have spares that cost £1 each.

Please pay by bank transfer or cash put in the pink jar on the floor


Ancient technique for promoting health


Treatments are 1 hour long


In Traditional Chinese Medicine we look for signs on the tongue and through the wrist pulses.

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