3rd Nov 2020

I am following PPE guidelines and my acupuncture practice is health-based treatment only therefore I have permission to continue treating you during lockdown. You must wear a mask throughout the treatment in order to come in.  If you have no facemask, I will have spares that cost £1 each..  I am cleaning the space between people and during the session.

No mask, no treatment. Any illness, no treatment.

Before your treatment

_Confirm with me if you have a fever, cough or loss of smell/taste (please cancel your appointment)

-Shower and wear freshly laundered clothing

-Use your toilet at home

-Arrive at the clinic at your treatment time

At your treatment please bring:

-A cloth or other face mask

-A bath towel or small blanket to cover you

-2 fresh tissues for door handles

-Hand gel for hands and lower arms

Hello, I am Susan and I am an acupuncturist. Read on to find out how acupuncture can help you.
Acupuncture is a complete system of medicine that is safe from infancy to the later years in life. 
My professor in Tokyo, Dr Sai once told me "acupuncture helps you stay a little younger," and that's how I like you to feel after a session.  Chinese Medicine helps  you stay well and treat symptoms that bother you. Here's more information on what we treat.
Please check my other pages on this site for more information.
Susan Adams
LicAc, BSc(Hons) Acupuncture
British Acupuncture Council
Acupuncture Childbirth Team London
Acupuncture Fertility Network


Ancient technique for promoting health


Treatments are 1 hour long


In Traditional Chinese Medicine we look for signs on the tongue and through the wrist pulses.

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